Crawl Space Floor And Membranes

One of the benefits of using a liquid membrane is that liquid membrane dries when used with a gun spray. No joint is used which gives more flexibility to the product. Our experts have extensive experience in using it in a safe and consistent fashion.


Crawl space floor membranes
Crawl space encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation

  • undation & Roofing special blend of concrete for application in tight spaces, we seal all exposed dirt surfaces under your home with 3-4” inch thick permanent rigid concrete encapsulation barrier. It is the only material to provide a 100% guarantee of rodent control, while adding structural integrity to your foundation. Whether the space under your entire house, or just a small dirt area off of your basement, the benefits include: clean and dry storage space; eliminate foul and musty odors; stop rodents; stop moisture and moisture related damage; save on heating and cooling cost; enjoy a cleaner and healthier living environment; increase the value of your home.

911 Foundation & Roofing can insulate cold damp walls and seal off air vents from cold winter air and moisture to save energy cost and stop health issues. Ask our expert for details!

Services may include: crawlspace drainage, sump pumps, foundation crack repair, crawl space vapor barrier, and dehumidification and ventilation.

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