Crack Repair Epoxy-Polyurethane

911 Foundation & Roofing has extensive knowledge and experience in epoxy polyurethane pressure injection for permanent concrete crack repairs. With over 20 years of experience, 911 Foundation & Roofing is a licensed leader, manufacturer of pumps, resin, and ports for pressure epoxy injection. We are the only foundation contractor that provides and applies a complete system for epoxy injection. By doing so, 911 Foundation & Roofing is able to fill completely the void created by a crack along with a low viscosity epoxy resin. The epoxy resin cures into an extremely hard plastic that permanently bonds with concrete, and gives the structure its original monolithic integrity.

Crack Repair Epoxy-Polyurethane
Epoxy and polyurethane crack injection process

Epoxy and polyurethane crack injection process

The preliminary activities of the crack repair process consist in inspecting and cleaning the crack. This is followed¬†by drilling¬†trough the foundation every 6-8″ approximately to install injection ports in each hole¬†with an epoxy paste. The crack is then sealed off with the same epoxy paste. The injection process begins once the epoxy paste hardens. The epoxy resin is then injected through the ports and into the crack using the injection pump until the crack is completely filled. Once the epoxy resin hardens, the ports are removed. The pressure epoxy process is clean and effective.


Structural benefits of the pressure epoxy polyurethane process

Our epoxy and polyurethane resin is three to five times stronger than concrete, making the repaired section the strongest part of the structure. Once the cracks are repaired, the structure retrieves its original monolithic integrity and performs as it was originally designed.

Structural benefits of the pressure epoxy polyurethane process


Epoxy polyurethane pressure injection seals off the cracks preventing damage caused by moisture infiltration.


Unlike other ‚Äúband aids‚ÄĚ repair procedures that temporarily cover up the problem, epoxy polyurethane pressure injection is the only proven method to permanently repair cracks. It has proven its efficiency and has been successfully used for more than 40 years. Using epoxy polyurethane pressure injection involves a high degree of expertise and 911 Foundation & Roofing¬†experts are factory trained and certified in epoxy injection to repair¬†thousands of cracks in pools, tilt-walls, parking garages, and industrial structures with pride and¬†success. We only use pumps that were specifically designed for epoxy injection.

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