Foundation Waterproofing

Apart from a fire that burns your house down, foundation problem is the worst thing that can happen to your home. The foundation of your home is the base on which the structure of your house is built and keeps it there. Water is the main source of foundation problems. Wet soil present beneath the foundation could swell or make it lose strength.

Usually people are not really aware of this concept and tend to neglect the foundation problems. Water infiltration results in massive problems. Water first causes damage to the building’s surface and then to the structure. And by the time a water stain presents itself in the interior of your building, it may have already caused irreversible damage to the exterior.

Damp basements and crawl spaces offer the perfect environment for mold to breed and grow. These can make these places unpleasant not to mention unhealthy. The reason these issues occur is that concrete is not usually waterproof. Though it keeps out the liquid water, water vapors can penetrate in the walls quite easily.

In order to keep the water drained away from concrete foundations, and keeping them from moving through the walls, it is essential that you seek foundation waterproofing. In residential buildings, leaky foundation could play havoc with the furnishing and finishes along with the structure. In commercial buildings, the expensive equipment can be ruined and crucial procedures could be disrupted owing to leaking foundations.

Foundation Waterproofing:

Foundation waterproofing is essential for solid and successful structure. What happens in foundation waterproofing is that a protecting membrane is applied to the foundation walls exterior. This membrane keeps the water from entering the walls and the interior of your home/building. When spray application methods used for this membrane, a seamless barrier is created that turns the interior dry and keeps it that way.

When foundation waterproofing is used, no water could seep through a foundation wall or a crack in the foundation.

What does Foundation Waterproofing Do:

According to the ICC-ES criteria for foundation waterproofing, it carries out three functions:

  • • Stop water vapor from entering walls and foundation
  • • Withstand water under the hydrostatic pressure
  • • Span the cracks in a foundation

Efficient Foundation Waterproofing Services – 911 Foundation:

Our experienced and qualified team will drain away any water that may be present in the foundation ensuring a dry interior space. Our skilled team at 911 Foundation will ensure that the best foundation waterproofing services are provided to you after studying the climate, topography, soil/water table conditions, geographical location and foundation depth.

911 Foundations follows three basic systems that have been designed for effective foundation waterproofing:

  • • Treating ground surface next to home/building so that water’s surface is directed away.
  • • Treating the walls so that the moisture is prevented from moving through the walls & routing it down to the drains.
  • • Drains so that water is moved from the bottom of the foundation.

We offer quality foundation waterproofing servicesIf you are building a new home/building it is essential that you get its foundation waterproofed as it can be expensive after the construction has been completed. Call now for details!

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